2 A4 Suspended LED Lightboxes

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2 X A4 Window Lightbox Kit

Our Window-Lit LED light box display is ideal for estate agents, travel agencies, hair salons, beauty spas or any retail stores and corporate offices. Using the latest LED technology, these LED illuminated lightboxes display your posters day and night, making your business stand out from competitors.

  • High brightness double-sided display, visible nights & days, attract attention to potential customers
  • Fast and easy to set up in any window or ceiling
  • Display can be set vertically or horizontally in no time
  • Quick and easy poster updates, simply slide out your display poster and re-insert a new replacement whenever you need to
  • Print posters on translucent paper for an exceptional result
  • Even light distribution through high-quality acrylic
  • Energy efficient, ultra-low energy consumption
  • Ideal for estate agents, hair salons, beauty spas or any retail stores or reception areas
  • LED Warranty - 2 Years 


Item Frame Size Visual Size Film Size Thickness Power Dissipation Voltage Weight
WLCF9-A4 329x243mm 283x197mm 297x210mm 9mm 8W 12V DC 0.5kg

Kit Includes:

  • LED Lightbox
  • Aluminum Track
  • Track Gripper Kit and Cables
  • Power Supply

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