LED Light Boxes

LED Light Boxes

Light box signs are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool for small businesses advertising their products, and for large corporations promoting their brand names.  Capture your customer’s attention and make a bright impression with illuminated signs.
We offer a wide range of options to fit your needs.
Our range of light boxes include Double-sided projecting round light boxes, double-sided projecting square light boxes, single-sided light boxes, fabricated acrylic light boxes, slimline LED light boxes and classic rectangle light boxes etc.
We use LED modules to internally illuminate our light boxes. The LED light source gives a far more even spread of light, is more energy-efficient and longer lasting, and causes less maintenance problems.  Light boxes illuminated with traditional fluorescent tubes might have ‘hot spots' and uneven lighting issues, while LED modules eliminate these problems.

Our light boxes are manufactured under strict quality control, the power supply complies with Australia electrical safety standards.

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