Acrylic Displays

Acrylic Photo Frames | Poster Holders|Photo Boards

Acrylic Photo Frames: We have 11 sizes of magnetic acrylic photo frames in stock! These picture frames are made with the highest quality materials and feature crystal-clear acrylic that allows your treasured photos, documents, artwork, awards, or memories to be showcased with style and finesse.

Acrylic Poster Frames / Sign Holders: Our popular wall-mounted acrylic sandwich poster frames hold posters between two clear acrylic panels and stand off from the wall, giving your poster a clean, floating, and professional presentation.

Staff Photo Boards / Employee Recognition Boards: These changeable photo boards are designed for inserting an image, such as 'staff of the month' or board members. They are ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, and company receptions, and are available with either white or black acrylic back panels

Acrylic Photo Boards / Perspex Sign Boards: The acrylic sign board comprises our popular acrylic sandwich sign holders and acrylic backing panel. The sandwich sign holders hold a poster between two acrylic panels, which are then screwed onto the backing panel using sign stand-off mounts. This sleek, modern design gives your photos or signs a floating and contemporary display."

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