Open Flags / Open Flag Banners

  • Brand: AuSignPro
  • Product Code: FB-OPEN
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  • Ship in: 24 Hours
  • Price: $49.00(incl GST)

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Open Flag - 2.4m/3.5m/4.8m High

Product Features:

  1. Ready made "OPEN " flag, three heights optional.
  2. Instant impact for your business.
  3. Easy setup: Quick to assemble within minutes.
  4. Single-sided Printing – high quality mirror reverse image on the back.
  5. Material:
    • The poles are made of composite material-fiberglass, highly flexible, light weight, weather proof and durable
    • The flag is made of 110g/m2 polyester fabric, dye sublimation printing
  6. Easy to update graphics: it's easy to replace banners in the future marketing campaigns by user.
  7. If you use your existing base, please check the size of the base to match our pole. The inner diameter of the pole is 14.5mm.

flag set what included
open flag advertising banner

large open flag banner

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