Sneeze Guard / Clear Acrylic Hygiene Screen Barrier / Protective Shield - 60cm High

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60cm High Sneeze Guard / Protective Shield

Protect your employees and customers with clear acrylic sneeze shields/guards at your checkout counters

Our sneeze guard / shield is a clear acrylic screen designed to provide an additional level of protection to your staff and customers from sneezes, coughs and viruses.  This protective shield features a clear view with flexible design suitable for most retailer shops and offices.  

It is a cost-effective solution to provide immediate protection to your employees/customers by setting up the sneeze guard throughout your reception, counter top and checkout areas.

Product features:

  • 4.5mm thick clear cast acrylic panel, high quality, sturdy and attractive.
  • All edges are polished.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water.
  • Easy to assemble, free standing.
  • Supplied with velcro strips, heavt-duty removable clear double-sided tap and screws.
  • Panel size and transaction slot size:
    • * 600mm wide, transaction slot: 300(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 700mm wide, transaction slot: 350(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 800mm wide, transaction slot: 400(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 900mm wide, transaction slot: 450(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 1000mm wide, transaction slot: 500(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 1100mm wide, transaction slot: 500(W)x150(H)mm
    • * 1200mm wide, transaction slot: 500(W)x150(H)mm
  • Custom slot sizes also available, please contact us immediately after order placed.
  • Dispatch in 24 hours.

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