A3 LED Light Box
A3 LED Light Box A3 LED Light Box A3 LED Light Box

A3 LED Light Box

Brand: AuSignPro
Product Code: 85101-A3
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A3 LED Slim Light Box 

Our light boxes are manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring the most even light distribution possible, therefore creating powerful eye catching display, which will bring your images to life. Our light box comes with 12 warranty to all non man made damage.

  • Front panel can be open with suction cup and close by the magnetic panel
  • Images can be changed easily with this smart design, also with a ceiling hanger
  • Material: LED light panel with high quality lightweight aluminum frames
  • Acrylic core spreads light evenly throughout the surface

Why LED?

  • 20mm thickness, super slim, light weight and heavy duty, stylish appeal
  • Easy to change inserts
  • LED panel only brings even and smooth illumination
  • Expected life up to 8-10 years
  • Compact design, increase utilization areas
  • Saved 60-80% electric than traditional tube light boxes
  • Reduce installation and maintenance time
  • High safety performance than standard light boxes
Item Frame Size (mm) Graphic Size(mm) Visual Size (mm) Power (w) Rating
85101-A3 349x470x20 306x427 291x412 6.0 INDOOR USE ONLY - Not
rated for Outdoor Use


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