A3 LED Light Box
A3 LED Light Box A3 LED Light Box A3 LED Light Box

A3 LED Light Box

Brand: AuSignPro
Product Code: 85101-A3
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A3 LED Slimline Light Box - 23mm Thick

  1. LED light source:
    • Energy saving, 70%~80% energy saving compare with traditional light box
    • long lifespan,up to 50, 000 hours and even longer.
    • high brightness, light is very soft, which is comfortable for eyes, no flickering, no dark or hot spots .
  2. Presents an eye-catching display which demands attention to your advertising.
  3. Reflective black border enhances your display.
  4. Magnetic fasteners :Front open with suction cup,closed with magnets,change graphic in seconds.
  5. Portrait or landscape use
  6. Plug and play: Power supply and connecting cable will be supplied for individual installation or several light boxes connected in one raw.
  7. Indoor use and wall mount only
  8. Pre-drilled mounting holes on the frame
  9. 1 year warranty.
Item Frame Size (mm) Image Size (mm) Visual Size (mm) Watt (w)
85101-A3 347x470x23 297x420 277x400 5.5



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