Flexface LED Lightboxes

Flexface LED Lightboxes

What is LED Backlit Flexface Lightbox?

Flexface LED light boxes are generally used for large scale outdoor signage displays,commonly seen in retail parks, shop fronts and large stores. The Light box frames are fixed to the wall that create a tray at the back of the sign.  The flexface refers to heavy duty backlit PVC banner that stretches across the front of the fascia like skin on a drum with custom printed graphics. The signs are illuminated with backlit LED lights. 

Why use Backlit Flexface Lightbox?

  • * Suitable for large size outdoor light box, sizes up to 4500x2000mm
  • * More flexible than rigid plastics in high winds
  • * No joints, safer than rigid plastics
  • * The frames can be assembled on site, easy to transport

We have two types of flexface light boxes:

  • * Type 1: 65mm edge light boxes 100mm deep, suitable for larger size signs (code: MAX-65-100)
  • * Type 2: frameless light box 80mm deep, suitable for small and medium size signs (code: MB-80)
65mm Flexface LED Backlit Lightbox / Wall-mount Single-sided Light box

65mm edge 100mm deep

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Frameless Flexface LED Backlit Lightbox / Wall-mount LED Single-sided Light box

Frameless 80mm deep

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