Carousel Stand with 3 Spinners for A4/DL

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  • Product Code: BSCCS3
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Carousel Stand with 3 x A4 Spinners Unit

Product Features:

  1. Freestanding stainless steel carousel stand.
  2. Holds 3 spinners for  A4/DL Expanda brochure holders.
  3. Displays brochures on all three sides.
  4. Fast and easy to assemble.
  5. Ideal for indoor brochure displays.
  6. A header card can be purchased and inserted on the top for branding(Product Code: 5980010).


  1. Base size:350 mm diameter x 14 mm high
  2. Pole size: 1720mm high x 50mm diameter
  3. Weight: 11kg

Tags: BSCCS3

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