Are you looking for high-quality low-price light boxes for your business? Here is the right place.
We have big ranges of light boxes in stock, round light boxes, square light boxes, rectangular light boxes. Single-sided and double-sided, all the light boxes with LED light source, ensure a long lifespan, save energy and low cost.

Why buy light boxes from us:

  • Cheaper: We import big ranges of light boxes directly, keep all products with high quality and low cost.
  • High quality and low cost: All light boxes with LED lighting, even light distribution, long lifespan and low cost. Brighter, durable than traditional fluorescent tube light source.
  • Quicker: All round and small square light boxes in stock, ready to dispatch. Blank rectangular light boxes can be dispatch in two days, don’t wait a few weeks anymore.
  • Nationwide delivery.

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