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Are you looking for wall mounted acrylic picture frame wholesaler? Perspex picture frame manufacturer and supplier? Here is the right place.

We cut the acrylic picture frame in house, size from A5 to A1, all the edges are crystal clear, fixed on wall using stainless steel mount, each to install and change picture in seconds.

This type of frame holds picture between two pieces of acrylic panel, so also called acrylic sandwich holders. The back panel can be clear, black, white or red, give your poster a clean, floating and costumery presentation.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Poster Holders are Ideal for displaying photographs, marketing posters, information at school universities & temporary signs at retail stores, shopping mall etc.

More information and prices, please visit our online store: https://jydisplayandsigns.com.au/acrylic-magnetic-photo-frames/Perspex-Sign-Holders

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 Acrylic Picture Frames

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