Are you looking for quality sneeze guards can be secure fixed on your table? Lots of countertop acrylic sneeze guard with two flat acrylic brackets, the acrylic screen inserts to brackets and ready to use. This type of sneeze guard hard to be securely fixed onto the tabletop.

Lots of sneeze guards with two flat brackets, easy to cut, pack and transport, but cannot be securely fixed on the countertop

Our acrylic sneeze guard with one pair of bent acrylic brackets, the brackets with a flat bottom, sleek and stable, more areas to sit on tabletop, with two pre-drilled holes, easy to tape and screw fixed on the countertop.
We also supply clear double-sided tape strips, hook and loop tapes, and screws for additional secure fixing.

secure fix sneeze guard on the table
Three options to secure fix sneeze guard on the table

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