Mbile brochure stand 40 pockets

40 pocket floor brochure stands with lockable castors

Are you looking for brochure stand with mobile ability, movable floor brochure stands with multi-pockets? Are you looking for brochure holders can be moved or repositioned?

Our new designed Mobile Brochure Stands is the best solution for any offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, waiting rooms. the systems are flexible, can display DL, A5 and A4 size brochure and literature, the pockets from 40 up to 100 pockets. the systems can combine A4, A5 and DL in one stand, display brochure single or double-sided.

The system is very easy to assemble, suit for trade show and big public area.

Check more details and buy online, please visit: https://jydisplayandsigns.com.au/floor-brochure-display-stands/Mobile-Brochure-Stands

mobile brochure stand with 60 dl pockets

Mobile brochure stand displays 60 DL brochures, flexible, easy to assemble and reposition

mobile brochure stand with 30 pockets

Multi-pocket mobile brochure display stand