Are you looking light box sign manufacturer? light box supplier in Melbourne, here is the right place.

Jy Display & Signs, a professional lightbox manufacturer, custom-made LED lightboxes for your shop signages, high quality, quick turnaround time and lowest prices.

Our rectangular led light boxes are very popular for shop under awning, with LED lighting, more even spread of light, are more energy efficient, cause less maintenance problems, and are longer lasting than traditional fluorescent tubes.The size from 40cm to 240cm long. more information, please visit:

Under Awing Light Box

Shop front light box sign

Our small square light boxes are also very popular for wall signages, suit for every shop wall signage, display your business information day and night. The size from 35cm to 80cm square. More informations, please visit:

Square led light box

Square light box sign for wall project signages

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