Acrylic letters also called Perspex letters, are very popular due to glossy surface and durable for exterior or interior use, suit for office signs and building signs.

How to install flush mount acrylic letter perfect and quick? It is very important if you have hundreds of letters to install. The glue is easy to run out if the strokes of letters are very thin.

Our “Peel & Stick” Acrylic Letter is a good solution. The letters are cut from quality cast acrylic sheet, the letters with adhesive on the back, easy to install, just peel & stick, no tool required. Supplied with Smart-Stencil, make Installation a breeze.

Acrylic letter with adhesive on the back, make installation task is much easier

Quality cast acrylic

“Peel & Stick” Acrylic Letter Installation Instructions
We provide installation template (Smart-Stencil ), ensure the letters in perfect postions.
Install Acrylic Sign Letters Like A Pro

Please note:
“Peel & Stick” Acrylic Letters are suit for smooth painted plaster wall, tile, glass, aluminium composite panel, smooth timber only.

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