There are lots of sneeze guards on the market, how to choose the right countertop sneeze guard? which design is better?

Sneeze guards also called Cough Barriers, Cashier Barriers, Protective Screen or Acrylic Shields, the plastic screen designed to provide an additional level of protection to employees and customers from sneezes, coughs, and bacteria, they are also used for blocking airborne germs from contaminating food in your buffet or your customer facing staff.

Most of sneeze guards are made of acrylic (also called Perspex) sheet, some made of polycarbonate or glass.

Most countertop sneeze guards are laser cut from acrylic sheet, the two brackets are also flat, can only free-standing on the counter, it’s hard to fix on tabletop.

Most bracket is flat, can only free-standing on the counter, can’t be fixed.

Our sneeze guard brackets are cut and bent from 4.5mm solid acrylic, with flat base, sleek and stable. three options to fix the sneeze guard on desktop, all fixings are supplied.

All of our sneeze guards are made in house, high quality with lowest prices and quick turnaround time.

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