Are you looking for sneeze guard that can be freestanding and don’t screw or tape on your counter?

Our counter edge-mounted sneeze guard is a good solution.

Table Edge Clamped
Sneeze Guards
More stable and secure than freestanding screen,
easy to install,remove and relocation

The clear sneeze screens are cut from 4.5mm thick quality cast acrylic (Perspex) panel, crystal clear with rounded corner, all the edges are polished. The panel is clamped by two white metal brackets, the brackets are screw mounted to your counter edge (thickness is less 25mm), easy to install, easy to remove, no screws and tape required, no damage your counter. More stable than freestanding sneeze guards

Two white metal brackets secure fix the acrylic panel on table edge, save space.

The sneeze guards can be dispatch in 24 hours, nationwide delivery.

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