The standoff mount acrylic sign holder is combined two pieces of acrylic panel, sandwiched the poster between two acrylic panels, mounted on wall using stainless steel stand-off mount, ideal for any type of business.

The face panel in the holder is clear, the back panel can be clear, black, white, red or other colour.

The standard sizes are A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.

A4 size is popular for office to holder certificate or award onto wall. A1 poser holder is great for large poster display. Easy to update poster, easy to clear.

This poster display is a standoff mount that is elegant for any environment, but the most popular places to find them are retail stores, food venues, colleges, travel agency store, real estate agency store and lobbies. The acrylic panels can display a sign in any indoor establishment.

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