Are you looking for your 21st 3D birthday number? Freestanding 3D numbers? Polystyrene foam letter is a good solution.

floating 21 birthday numbers

The 3D foam numbers can float in the pool as large pool floating sign, can also decorated with flowers

90 birthday number

The numbers are cut from polystyrene foam using CNC foam machine, can be cut to any fonts or shapes.

Our standard freestanding letter size is 1.1m high, 20cm thick, the bottom of the numbers is flattened, can stand alone. The number can be painted to other colours or decorated by flowers.

3D Birthday Number Sizes
3D Birthday Number Sizes
3D Birthday Number for birthday party

The price for each number is $99.00(incl-gst), nationwide delivery or local pickup.

Learn more details and order online, please visit: