A1 Outdoor Weatherproof LED Light Box

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A1 Outdoor Waterproof LED Light Box - 28mm Thick

Our A1 Outdoor LED Light Box is equipped with silicone seal to prevent water and moisture from entering the light box and damage your display posters. Such design is optimal for displaying your promotional products outdoor areas.

  1. LED light source:
    • Energy saving, 70%~80% energy saving compare with traditional light box
    • long lifespan,up to 50, 000 hours and even longer.
    • high brightness, light is very soft, which is comfortable for eyes, no flickering, no dark or hot spots .
  2. 28mm thickness, super slim, light weight and heavy duty, stylish appeal.
  3. Lockable structure to prevent tampering while in use in public areas.
  4. Easy to install and change inserts.
  5. Plug and play: Power supply and connecting cable will be supplied for individual installation or several light boxes connected in one raw.
  6. Pre-drilled mounting holes on the frame
  7. 1 year warranty.
  8. Perfect for restaurant menu display and outdoor display needs.
Item Frame Size (mm) Image Size (mm) Visual Size (mm) Watt (w)
LED-ODA1 654 x901 x 28 594X841 574X821 9.6


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