SALE Letter Set For Shop Display

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SALE Letter Set for Shop Displays

  1. This beautiful 3D SALE letter set are cut from 200mm deep M Grade styrofoam, flattened bottom and top to hold tabletop.
  2. SALE letter set is supplied in two pieces (SA  in one piece and LE in one piece), can be stacked or side-by-side.
  3. Letter Color:  Plain white without paint.
  4. Tabletop: You can use your own tabletop or our acrylic tabletop panel (4.5mm clear acrylic panel) (Side-by-side needs two acrylic panels).
  5. Price is for four letters (set price) and  acrylic table top panel (optional).
  6. Max Weight Capacity: Stacked: 7.0kg; Side-by-Side: 14.0kg
  7. Ideal for shop displays.

SALE letter set

LOVE Table for wedding

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