How to Choose Correct Literature Displays for Your Business?

How to Choose Correct Literature Displays / Brochure Displays?

There are lots of style of brochure holder systems, how to choose the correct style for your business?

Step 1: Wall Mounted or Freestanding?

There are two styles for wall mounted style: Lit-Loc® Wall Brochure Display system and Full-View Brochure Display System

wall brochure display systems

Lit-Loc brochure display systems

Wall mount brochure holder unit

Full-View brochure wall displays

  1. Lit-Loc® Wall Brochure Display system: deflect-o® Lit-Loc Brochure Holder Wall Systems present cascading wall brochure displays attractive and stylish, easy to assemble,  a very flexible system that offers a variety of brochure presentation methods, ideal for showcasing product flyers, brochures and other important information.
  • Full-View Wall Mounted Brochure Display System: Present full view of your brochures, give customers a neat and stunning look. suitable for any office.

There are three styles of Free Standing Brochure Display Systems:

Rotating Brochure Holders: Our  floor brochure carousels are modular systems and can be easily combined as your required quantity and sizes. Suit for libraries, museums and high traffic public areas.