Cost Effective 3D Sign Letters / Cheap 3D Sign Letters

Are you looking for affordable and cost-effective 3D signs letters?  We recommend three types of sign letters for your job.

Type 1: Aluminium composite panel sign letters

The alu-panel letters are cut from 3mm thick aluminium composition panel by CNC router, can be cut to any shapes and fonts. There are over 50 colours of aluminium composite panels to choose, other colours can be applied sign vinyls or printed graphics.

Pros: cost effective and durable. Aluminium Composite Panel has been a popular façade and cladding material over the past two decades. Alu-panel with PVDF coating can last over 10 years, no fade. The letters are easy to install (flush mount onto wall by silicon or screw) and maintenance. Over 50 colours to choose. Suit for exterior and interior use.

Cons: only 3mm thick. Suit for awning front sign, wall sign letters

Aluminium composite panel sign letters

Aluminium composite panel sign letters

Type 2: Celuka PVC letters

There are different types of celuka PVC sheet, our celuka  PVC boards are made in Taiwan (also called Maxi T board) with highest grade, the boards have a semi-gloss, hardened outer surface that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Pros: cost-effective way to make 3D letters, thickness up to 20mm, 30mm, can be cut to any fonts and shapes. Long lasting for outdoor use, easy to install using liquid nails or screws. Can be painted to any colours or apply colour vinyls on the face.

Cons: the edges looks rough, not smooth like acrylic. Perfect for outdoor building sign letters.



Type 3: Foam Letters

The foam letters are cut from M grade polystyrene foam (EPS foam), a great way to make deep 3d sign letters for interior use.

Pros: cost-effective to make big and deep sign letters, thickness up to 40cm. (standard thickness is 5, 10,15,20,30,40cm. Recommended thickness for interior wall sign letters is 5cm, 10cm or 15cm. For freestanding thickness is 20c, 30cm or 40cm).

Cons: rough surface, easy damage, hard to clean once dirty.

3d foam letters

3d foam letters

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