Quality Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Better Design

Are you looking for quality sneeze guards can be secure fixed on your table? Lots of countertop acrylic sneeze guard with two flat acrylic brackets, the acrylic screen inserts to brackets and ready to use. This type of sneeze guard hard to be securely fixed onto the tabletop. Lots of sneeze guards with two flat …More →

Largest Ranges of Sneeze Screen in Melbourne!

Are you looking for an acrylic sneeze guard in Melbourne? here is the right place. We have a big range of sneeze guards, includes: counter-top flat cut sneeze screens, countertop wrap around sneeze guards, ceiling suspended hanging sneeze guards, counter front clamp-mounted sneeze shields, counter front screw-mounted sneeze barriers, folding sneeze guards All of our …More →

Counter Front Mounted Sneeze Guards

Are you looking at sneeze guard mounted in front of your counter? here is the right place. Our counter front mount sneeze guards are specially designed for counter front mount. These types of sneeze screens are suit for the counter front with a flat area, mounted on the counter using stainless steel sign cap screws, …More →

Edge Clamp Mount Sneeze Screen for Reception Desk

Are you looking for sneeze guard that can be freestanding and don’t screw or tape on your counter? Our counter edge-mounted sneeze guard is a good solution. The clear sneeze screens are cut from 4.5mm thick quality cast acrylic (Perspex) panel, crystal clear with rounded corner, all the edges are polished. The panel is clamped …More →

How to Secure Fix Sneeze Guard on the Table?

Our sneeze guard bracket with a flat base, sleek and stable than others, most of the sneeze guards, the brackets are only flat panel, no bent base, hard to fix on the table. There are three options to secure fix sneeze guard on the counter: Clear double-sided tape (supplied) Hook and loop tapes(supplied) Screws(supplied) Learn …More →

Sanitizer Holder / Floor Sanitiser Pump Bootle Stand

Are you looking for sanitiser holder to mount sanitizer pump bottle on the wall or floor stand?  Our wall-mounted sanitiser pump bottle holder and floor sanitiser pump bottle stand is a good solution. Wall-mounted Sanitiser holder Wall mount sanitiser bottle holder is fabricated from 6mm thick clear acrylic, crystal clear, easy to mount to the …More →

How to Choose Right Sneeze Guard?

There are lots of sneeze guards on the market, how to choose the right countertop sneeze guard? which design is better? Sneeze guards also called Cough Barriers, Cashier Barriers, Protective Screen or Acrylic Shields, the plastic screen designed to provide an additional level of protection to employees and customers from sneezes, coughs, and bacteria, they …More →

Largest Ranges of Sneeze Guards Online

Sneeze guards also called Cough Barriers, cashier barriers, protective screen or acrylic shields, the plastic screen designed to provide an additional level of protection to employees and customers from sneezes, coughs, and bacteria, they are also used for blocking airborne germs from contaminating food in your buffet or your customer-facing staff. Food Sneeze Guards JY …More →