How to DIY Install Acrylic Sign Letters Like A Pro?

Acrylic letters also called Perspex letters, are very popular due to glossy surface and durable for exterior or interior use, suit for office signs and building signs. How to install flush mount acrylic letter perfect and quick? It is very important if you have hundreds of letters to install. The glue is easy to run …More →

21st Birthday 3D Numbers Giant 3D Letters

Are you looking for your 21st 3D birthday number? Freestanding 3D numbers? Polystyrene foam letter is a good solution. The 3D foam numbers can float in the pool as large pool floating sign, can also decorated with flowers The numbers are cut from polystyrene foam using CNC foam machine, can be cut to any fonts …More →

How to Install Acrylic Letters onto Wall

Acrylic letters are cut by laser or CNC router,  there are two methods to flush mount acrylic letters onto wall. The first method is using liquid nails or silicone glue(suit for the letters with no adhesive on the back, glue to most types of wall, such as brick wall, plaster wall, glass, tile etc) The …More →

Cost Effective 3D Sign Letters / Cheap 3D Sign Letters

Are you looking for affordable and cost-effective 3D signs letters?  We recommend three types of sign letters for your job. Type 1: Aluminium composite panel sign letters The alu-panel letters are cut from 3mm thick aluminium composition panel by CNC router, can be cut to any shapes and fonts. There are over 50 colours of …More →

New Birthday Idea -Birthday Number Letter Table!

Birthday Number Letter Table Are you looking for new idea to make your birthday special? are you looking for big letters for your birthday party? Our new designed birthday number letter table maybe a good idea. The table letters are cut from Styrofoam, the bottoms and tops are flattened to make the letters freestanding. The …More →

How to DIY Install Acrylic Sign Letters?

Do you want to save time and money on acrylic sign? do you want to install bulk acrylic letter job quicker and easier? Do you want DIY install acrylic sign like a pro? Our Peel & Stick Acrylic Letters is the best and smart solution for DIY installation. The letters have adhesive on the back, …More →

Cheap Quality Acrylic Sign Letters

Are you looking for solutions to make hundreds of acrylic letter cheaper but still in good quality? How to make acrylic letters cheaper and quicker? How to big save to make and install acrylic letters? Acrylic letters are also called perspex letters, the surface is glossy, suitable to cut letters interior and exterior use. On …More →

LOVE Letter Tables

Planning a special celebration and want to add that something extra to enhance the decor? Our unique LOVE-Table may be what you need. LOVE Letter Tables are perfect for your Wedding Reception or Ceremony. Our stunning Love Letter Tables can be used as a Gift Table, Cake Table, Signing Table etc. The Letters are cut …More →

Big Letters! Maximum Impact!

Recently we produced big Styrofoam letters for a promotion campaign, all letters will be stacked as wall, it will be maximum impact on event! Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS Foam or Styrofoam) is the most common type of rigid foam due to its light weight, low cost, versatility and ease of use. Our CNC router cutting machine, …More →

How to Mount Sign Letter with Studs

This is a good solution to install sign letter with studs, and can be easily installed with flush or stand off mounts. Suitable letters: Acrylic letters, MDF Letters, PVC letters. All studs will be concealed after installation More details, please visit: How to Mount Sign letters with Studs

Low Cost 3D Lettering – PVC Lettering

Are you looking for durable and low cost 3D lettering for your business? Our PVC (Celuka ) letters are what you are after. The PVC letters are routing from Celuka PVC sheet, PVC CELUKA sheet has a semi gloss, hardened outer surface, will not rot, is impact resistant and shatterproof, non toxic and chemical resistant, …More →

Big Love Signs For Your Wedding

We make giant polystyrene 3d letters for wedding, impact and impressive, ideal for wedding to take photos and ceremony.  We can cut to any font, any sizes, you can email us your design or buy 3d wedding love sign from our online store: